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Romeo y Julieta Museum Edition

I've got one of these beauties in my humidor and will be smoking it late this evening during a gathering of old friends. I plan on pairing it up with a few bottles of St. Peter's IPA, which is a gorgeous potion and stands up nicely to a weighty stick. I smoked a Camacho 2008 Liberty last week, which was very enjoyable, and the St. Peter's paired nicely as it cooled and cleansed my palate between draws. In case the Museum Collection is a bust I've got a safety: another Liberty and a big bottle of Blue Cap Chimay. I'll give you guys my .02 cents worth straightaway.

Later that evening:

I didn't need the safety; the Camacho 2008 Liberty is nestled safely in my humidor, where it's going to age nicely. I broke out the Romeo Y Julieta Museum Edition just as Lyoto Machida was putting Thiago Silva to bed on the widescreen. The packaging of the cigar was a gem, as was the band itself. The stick itself was rolled perfectly, tight but not restricted, and both ends possessed the charecteristic accordian compression. The nose was strong and earthy. I cut the cigar in my usual unique style: Using a wedge cutter I make two cuts at bisecting angles so the clipped area forms an 'X'. I've found this technique works best, insuring the cigar ventilates properly and preventing the oils from building up at the smoking end. The first quarter of the burn the cigar was tasty but uninspiring and tasted a bit green, but it soon developed into a delicious and complex treat. The burn was even and the ash was whitish gray and flaky, and I didn't place it in the ashtray until the ash was ready to disengage, about a full third of the length. As I ashed it BJ Penn was throwing in the towel, and I was poring another bottle of St. Peter's IPA, which also paired nicely with this stick. By this time the flavor was in full sail, with notes of leather and earth and secondary hues of pepper and walnut. This cigar was full bodied and brought plenty of nicotine. The draw was perfect and gave a voluptuous amount of smoke. The total smoking time was 1 hour 40 minutes, and I smoked it well past the band as I didn't want to see it end. The purchase price was worth it just to experience it's unique qualities and the rare San Andre Criollo 98 Rosado it was wrapped in. However, for the money I'd rather have a Padrón Serie 1926 80 Year Maduro. My rating: 90

Mark Palmer